Monday, 2 May 2016

Healing Ibiza revitalised at Atzaró next weekend!

New life is being breathed into one of Ibiza’s favourite events, as a new team of organisers promise 12 hours to explore 12 different zones at this multi-sensory festival of healing, music and performance packed with interactive workshops and activities to inspire and feed the imagination. The day for your diary is Sunday May 8th.

The theme “Imagination” is woven into the heart of the festival, inviting people to imagine the world they want to create during these troubled times. The new team is passionate about bringing fresh new energy to this already successful event to raise even more money for charity and bring healing to ever more people. Healing Ibiza was the first large-scale spiritual gathering of its kind in Ibiza, with 1000s of visitors, over 1600 healing treatments and proud of having raised a whopping €41,000 for Ibiza charities.

Healing starts as soon as visitors step through the gates at this year's festival, with an instant cleanse and energetic reset. 100 healers are healing mind, body and soul with one-on-one appointments in the lush new Healing Garden provided by Mother Nature and organised by Lucia Diamond. The new Immersive Healing Zone & Market allows visitors to get involved, learn quick tips and experience group healings and energy workshops on a drop-in basis.

The music will be more inspiring than ever for bigger festival vibes during a 10-hour programme, with live music and DJs including magnificent headline act, the Ibiza House Orchestra, plenty of Ibiza classics and some new faces. All programmed by percussionist Trace Harris and DJ Cloud J Deep, founders of Ibiza’s alcohol-free music jam, The Gathering. DJ Cloud seamlessly blends the sound with live music for a smooth and uplifting vibe. The organisers promise something for everyone with drum circles, ecstatic dance and more.

Under the creative direction of Mogli, founder of InMotion Entertainment and the artistic director of The Zoo Project’s shows, the island’s most interesting performers come together in uniquely styled shows, unusual spectacles and stimulating live art happenings throughout the day. The opening and closing ceremonies invite visitors to become part of this amazing day and witness some soul-stirring performances.

There are more delicious group activities to join in with and new interactive zones like the outdoor Family Creative Zone and Imagination Zone to get the energy and creativity connecting and flowing. The new Meditation Garden allows for personal reflection and meditation as well as group sessions led by favourites like Ascension Meditation Ibiza and Ross Stephenson.

As well as the Yoga Zone there is the new Free Yoga Zone to go with your own flow, plus Qi Gong and Tai Chi in the new Energy Zone. Visitors can discover chakra rebalancing, somatic dance and Tantra, plus a talk from the Template about restoring the original human blueprint and more to be confirmed for our Workshop Zones. There’s mouth-watering Atzaro food, the Healing Ibiza Market packed with authentic Ibiza goods and 2 Kids’ Zones including a new indoor play area to inspire their little imaginations while mum and dad feed theirs. Sounds absolutely fab.

Entrance is by donation. and since God knows, the Ibiza Culture Club team could do with some healing (massage, pleeeaaase? Anyone?!) we'll definitely see you there! ;)

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Eco work-exchange in beautiful Ibiza!

Fancy swapping a few hours work a day to live on the legendary island of Ibiza? Hardworking? Interested in a natural, sustainable approach to life? You've just hit jackpot.

Ibiza lovers, this is a golden opportunity to come and live on the island for a few weeks, not as a tourist, but as a hard-working resident, living in this paradise that some of us lucky souls call home. When we saw this ad go out, we thought we'd better pass it immediately over to you! 

"We're a group of friends and a child of 10 (German, Swedish, Spanish and Bulgarian) who live in a shared country house, close by the west 'sunset' coast of San Antonio, Ibiza. The location is beautiful - a country setting, but very close to all amenities, beach, nightlife etc. The house is pretty big and has 3 bedrooms in the main house plus 2 extra bedrooms with independent entrances, in a smaller building next door. This is where our helpers (ie: YOU) would stay!
Spring is here and we want to do some work around the property - we're looking for some help with that. We need to paint the whole house, clear the gardens (cut tall grass, weeding, clearing some bigger branches and stones, plant and preparing of veggie garden) plus a bit of basic construction work. So we're looking for talents in those areas! Please tell us about your experience and how you could help us with this. We are also interested in eco-construction and would love to hear from people with experience and/or interest in that.
We're a hardworking community and sometimes we'd appreciate some help entertaining and caring for the young lady of the house, Shanti who is nearly ten years-old. She's great fun to be with and we'd mainly need help with taking her to friends houses, going to the beach with her, preparing her a light lunch etc. Her mum works from home, so is nearly always around.
Couples very welcome!!"
Link to origianal ad in right here. Good luck! :)

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Drink Club-Mate: help Ibiza charities

There's a big demand in Ibiza for energy drinks. On an island that doesn't sleep very much for around 4 steamingly hot summer months every year, energy is what we all need a little bit more of now and then.

Club-Mate Ibiza launch party

New kid on the block, Club-Mate, is a very cool new option on the island this year for those who need to stay awake. Their Ibiza launch party just a couple of weeks ago saw this loved-by-the-underground beverage receive a rapturous welcome from some of the coolest cats on the island, just check out Essential Ibiza's review. Pacha's Alex Kennon and Berlin favs Sis and Namito were amongst its fans, glugging down the golden nectar whilst playing to a packed house of Club-Mate energised techno lovers, oh yeh!

It's brewed in a small town in Germany and its massive worldwide popularity - from hacker communities to its near-cult status in the hipster city of Berlin - has been largely down to word of mouth. The 50 or so individual distributors that export Club-Mate from Germany to other countries do so independently. There is no big-bucks promotor, just tiny teams of Club-Mate devotees bringing their fav energy drink to their zones.

One such independent distributor is our very own Ibiza Club-Mate representative, Suzan Cetinkaya and as we found out after chatting with her, she has very deliberately chosen an Ethical Business Model. What exactly does this mean?

Well for starters, it means that the product and the business are beneficial both to consumers and to the island itself. Turns out that unlike many energy drinks, Club-Mate is actually good for you. It's based on Yerba-Mate, the herbal infusion so beloved by Argentina. It's got a fresh, light, herbal taste that's not too sweet or cloying, the bottle is made from recyclable glass and there's a list of health benefits longer than you could shake a stick at, dear reader.

But there's more. Suzan has pledged to donate a very generous 10% of profits generated from the sale of Club-Mate in Ibiza to island-based charities concerned with human and animal welfare. And, you can have your say as to where that money goes.

Suzan invites anyone interested in Ibiza charities to follow Club-Mate's Facebook page, where she will ask fans which organisation they would like to receive a donation. It's her way of giving something back to the island whilst involving the public - tourists and islanders alike - in deciding who gets the cash in a completely transparent way. In these days of shady deals and rumours of vague, unaccountable and/or unspecified 'charity donations' we at Ibiza Culture Club tip our hats. Very good form, Club-Mate!

Check out the Club-Mate review from its New York friends below and remember, if you like to get a good, healthy blast of energy from a bottle whilst doing your bit for Ibiza charities, you know what to do. Ask your shop/restaurant/bar for Club-Mate folks, it's without a doubt THE ethical energy drink!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

FREE Ibiza handicraft workshops for the whole family this Easter!

Next week, to celebrate European Handicrafts Day, the Consell of Ibiza are splashing out €5000 to provide no less than 35 free workshops promoting the preservation of traditional Ibiza arts and crafts. Perfect timing for the Easter school holidays, yay!

The workshops cater for all ages and take place on Friday and Saturday the 1st and 2nd of April at the Centro de Produccion Artisanal de Sa Pedrera, in the colourful, historic district of Sa Penya, Dalt Vila. No inscriptions necessary - all you have to do is turn up.

The whole family can try their hand at a range of traditional Ibiza handicrafts including; jewellery making, decorating fans with dried flowers, enamelling, making macramé and leather bracelets, keyrings and more.

For those with really small children, monitors will be on hand to help. To make things even easier, the Ibiza council have laid on a free bus service between the old market square and the handicrafts centre. Considerate, huh?! Just get yourself down there during the following times:

Friday April 1st: 11.00 - 17.00
Saturday April 2nd: Either 10.30-13.30 OR 16.00-19.00

Old Market Square can be found near the port, where Inkadelic and the Croissant Show are shown

For those who prefer to take a walk up to Sa Penya, the address of the handicrafts centre is: Calle de Sa Pedrera, Sa Penya, Dalt Vila.

Have a great Easter everyone!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Berlin’s favourite rocket-fuel - Club-Mate - launches in Ibiza with FREE kick-ass Techno party

Berlin's favourite all-natural energy drink, Club-Mate, is poised to explode onto the white island this year. Kicking off its first Ibiza season in style, the launch party TASTE will be at SushiPoint from 10.30pm till late on Wed, March 16th. It’s FREE entry plus there's a complimentary buffet early doors where you are heartily invited to come and try a bottle of Club-Mate for yourself - whilst enjoying some kick-ass Berlin Techno tunes of course!

Already a firm favourite of clubbers, hackers and the health conscious across no less than 50 countries, Club-Mate is brilliant at helping you stay awake, alert, energetic, and focused for long periods. Thanks to a generous slug of caffeine and a very low sugar content, it delivers a genuinely healthy boost of energy and well-being to both the mind and body.

Owned and brewed by a small family business in Germany, Club-Mate is based on the popular Argentinian herbal infusion, Yerba-mate. It’s massive on the Berlin night-life scene, either enjoyed on its own or for a more rocket-fuel type experience, mixed with Vodka, Rum or Jaegermeister.

8 Benefits of Yerba-mate:

  1. Enhances physical energy
  2. Rich in antioxidants
  3. Improves concentration and focus
  4. Supports digestion
  5. Weight control
  6. Improves cardiovascular health
  7. Prevents cancer and reduces high blood pressure
  8. Alkaline-based caffeine

Its arrival here in Ibiza is thanks to Suzan Cetinkaya, Ibiza resident and Pilates teacher who has lived between Berlin and the white isle for many years. Increasingly frustrated at not being able to buy her fav, healthy, stay-awake nectar anywhere on the island, she wrote to the brewery and offered to distribute it herself! As the deal was struck, she also pledged to donate a healthy percentage of any profits to Ibiza-based charities concerned with human and animal welfare.

To introduce Club-Mate to its new Ibiza friends in the context of Berlin - the birthplace of its huge popularity - Suzan has organised a series of TASTE parties. The aim is to give the folk in Ibiza an opportunity to sample this iconic clubbing drink together with some of the finest, hypnotic underground Techno sounds that Berlin is so beloved for.

Headlining the upcoming launch party will be the cool, moody and elegant underground grooves of Berlin-based dj and producer Namito. The much-loved, veteran deck-spinner at Berlin’s packed-out, underground techno clubs such as Tresor, Watergate and Berghain is also a regular feature on our very own Ibiza Global Radio.

He will be joined by Alex Kennon, usually to be found hacking into everybody’s groove-drives on the Pacha dance floor during the summer months and the mighty Sis, creator of legendary Techno tune Trompeta released by Ricardo Villalobos’ label Sei es Drum.

Expect excellent music from world-class DJs on a balmy spring evening in beautiful, glamorous Marina Botafoc. Free entry, free buffet and a free bottle of Club-Mate, the Balearic sea lapping the harbour, hell, there’s even reeaally good sushi. BOOM!

Table bookings +34 971 318 153 / 655 654 219

Club-Mate Taste event page
Club-Mate Facebook page

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Podemos MPs volunteer to take huge cuts in salary and perks

MPs representing Podemos, the new democratic, anti-austerity party that recently took the Spanish elections by storm winning 69 seats, have voted for huge cuts in their own salaries and perks.

The move, full of integrity that puts your usual, traditionally self-serving politicians to shame, was decided upon after a 9-hour meeting. The cuts will see the MPs salaries cut from €2,400 per month to just €1400. A yearly allowance of just over €2000 for taxis will also be scrapped.

Read the full story here.

NEWS | 2 scary Ibiza flight 'incidents' in one week

It's been a funny old week on the airlines in Ibiza.

First, at 11.30am this Monday, Jan 4th, a Romanian man tried to open the Europa aeroplane's door mid-flight between Majorca and Ibiza - to everyone else's absolute horror. Despite the shock, cabin crew and passengers managed to restrain the man, who apparently intended to commit suicide. Read the full story here.

Then a few days later on Friday,  January 8th, a flight from Ibiza to Dublin via London was seriously delayed when a nervous looking female passenger turned out to have a fake passport. Fellow passengers were said to be pretty freaked out as Guardia Civil boarded the plane and dismantled the woman's seat before evacuating the aircraft and detaining the woman for questioning. Read the full story here.

Fortunately, tragedy was avoided in both cases. High five to the airline crews for their professionalism and to the passengers for keeping their heads together in what must have been extremely distressing circumstances.