Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fascinating, historical walking tours of Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia, IBIZA.  

Welcome to the home of world-class restaurants with award winning chefs, the best clubs in the known universe, our colourful community of hippies and the jet-set, global glitterati. Not to mention the natural splendour.  It's a beguiling mix!

But did you know that Ibiza is also an absolute hive of historical richness?  That we have the only official statue in the world that pays homage to a pirate?!  That around 800AD, Ibiza was one of the three major centres of commerce in the whole of Europe?  Did you know that Ibiza is is still thought by many to be under the protection of Carthaginian goddess, Tanit, goddess of dance and fertility?

So...if you are curious about the history and culture of this jewel in the Mediterranean that is Ibiza, then we invite you to spend a relaxed couple of hours with us on an Ibiza Culture Club tour..  We host leisurely, walking tours of both Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia.  We will acquaint you with the most important and interesting locations, whilst sharing the often astonishing stories we have learned on our quest to discover authentic, historic, cultural Ibiza.

I´ve lived here for 11 years and never tire of the raw, natural beauty and intriguing history our magical island possesses.  I love Ibiza and have made it my home.  It´s my pleasure to share that passion for Ibiza with you.  

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It's that easy!  Hope to meet you soon! 

Warmest wishes from the ever enchanting island of Ibiza,