Saturday, 27 November 2010

Welcome to Ibiza, home of world-class restaurants with award winning chefs, singularly stunning views, the most epic clubs in the known universe and a vibrantly colourful, open-minded and culturally tolerant community of rustic folk, fashionistas, hippies, trendies and the jet-set, global glitterati. Add an inspired art and music scene, a sophisticated, cosmopolitan capital, impossibly beautiful, sparkling beaches and of course, the gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine. Then top it all off with her natural, jaw-dropping splendor and the inspired ambiance of magic and creativity that streaks and smolders like lightening throughout Ibiza's pine-clad, blissful, Balearic swathed magnificence.  
A UNESCO heritage site, conserved and protected by virtue of its great importance to humanity, Ibiza boasts a profound historical richness filled with a healthy respect for the wild and unconventional. You only have to notice that Ibiza has the only official statue in the world that pays homage to real, historical, bonafide pirates to get the idea. Add that the island has her very own ancient Carthaginian, pagan protector deity, Tanit, the unashamedly scandalous goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction and there can be no doubt, there's nowhere quite like Ibiza.

If you are curious about the history and culture of this jewel in the Mediterranean, then we invite you to check out site. We'll tell you about the most interesting locations, characters, experiences and events on the island, whilst sharing the often amazing stories we've heard on our quest to discover authentic, artistic, historic, Ibiza.

We're talking street-art, experimental live music, random happenings, secret hang outs and crazy cats. Local news, reviews, rants and ramblings. It's all here folks.

What we definitely won't do, is try to sell you anything. Not club tickets, not villas, not hotels, nothing at all, there are plenty of other excellent sites doing just that.

Ibiza Culture Club is not-for-profit you see. We are sponsored by people who want the World to know about the vibrant, exciting arts and culture scene on the island, created by islanders. It's as simple as that. We'll tell you about events, people and places that you'd never normally hear about.

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