Sunday, 10 January 2016

Podemos MPs volunteer to take huge cuts in salary and perks

MPs representing Podemos, the new democratic, anti-austerity party that recently took the Spanish elections by storm winning 69 seats, have voted for huge cuts in their own salaries and perks.

The move, full of integrity that puts your usual, traditionally self-serving politicians to shame, was decided upon after a 9-hour meeting. The cuts will see the MPs salaries cut from €2,400 per month to just €1400. A yearly allowance of just over €2000 for taxis will also be scrapped.

Read the full story here.

NEWS | 2 scary Ibiza flight 'incidents' in one week

It's been a funny old week on the airlines in Ibiza.

First, at 11.30am this Monday, Jan 4th, a Romanian man tried to open the Europa aeroplane's door mid-flight between Majorca and Ibiza - to everyone else's absolute horror. Despite the shock, cabin crew and passengers managed to restrain the man, who apparently intended to commit suicide. Read the full story here.

Then a few days later on Friday,  January 8th, a flight from Ibiza to Dublin via London was seriously delayed when a nervous looking female passenger turned out to have a fake passport. Fellow passengers were said to be pretty freaked out as Guardia Civil boarded the plane and dismantled the woman's seat before evacuating the aircraft and detaining the woman for questioning. Read the full story here.

Fortunately, tragedy was avoided in both cases. High five to the airline crews for their professionalism and to the passengers for keeping their heads together in what must have been extremely distressing circumstances.

Hello Ibiza 2016!

May 2016 bring all that you desire! Just remember, be careful what you wish for ;)

Love and warmest wishes, Ibiza Culture Club

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Welcome to Ibiza Culture Club family magazine! We're very proud of our island, home to world-class restaurants, stunning sunsets, legendary nightlife and a vibrantly colourful, open-minded community.  Take a big pot and mix rustic folk, fashionistas, hippies, trendies and the jet-set, global glitterati. Add an inspired art and music scene, a cosmopolitan capital, impossibly beautiful, sparkling beaches and of course, the gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine. Then top it all off with Ibiza's natural, jaw-dropping splendor and its inspired ambience of magic and creativity, streaking and smoldering like lightening throughout her pine-swathed magnificence. 

Could this be heaven?
A UNESCO World heritage site, conserved and protected by virtue of its great importance to humanity, Ibiza boasts a profound historical richness filled with a healthy respect for the wild and unconventional. You only have to notice that Ibiza has the only official statue in the world that pays homage to real, historical, bonafide pirates to get the idea. Add that the island has her very own ancient Carthaginian protector goddess, Tanit - the unashamedly scandalous muse of dance, fertility, creation and destruction and there can be no doubt - there's nowhere quite like Ibiza.

If you are curious about the history and culture of this jewel in the Mediterranean, then we invite you to check out our site. We'll tell you about the most interesting locations, characters, experiences and events on the island whilst sharing the fascinating stories we've heard along our quest to discover authentic, artistic, historic Ibiza.

We're talking art, music, random happenings, cuisine, courses, cool hang-outs and crazy cats. Local news, handy info and top tips. It's all on its way folks!

Right now, we're under construction so please bear with us whilst we gather links and upload information and articles.

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